The Suffolk Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (SIPP) has been in operation since 1989. We offer post-graduate training programs in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, in addition to conferences and workshops. These initiatives have not only enriched our own members, but have also provided opportunities for connecting with the wider mental health community.

Throughout the years we have remained true to our guiding principles, ideals which contribute to our unique psychoanalytic community:

We are a professional organization dedicated to maintaining an internal environment that is experienced by its constituent members and the greater professional community as respectful, inclusive, and professionally fulfilling. In the changing face of psychotherapy, we strive to provide an environment which encourages deep reflection along with extensive dialogue in all clinical and professional arenas.

We continue to be an organization that practices “town hall” democracy in that the Institute reflects the will of SIPP members and relies on the multiple voices of the SIPP community to shape and guide decisions.