One Year / Four Year Curriculum

The Suffolk Institute’s One Year Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy has been designed to provide mental health professionals with an intensive experience in learning how to think and to work analytically. The program offers an introduction to the principals of psychoanalytic theory and technique, beginning with classical theory and progressing through contemporary theory and practice. The program provides postgraduate mental health professionals with a solid foundation in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with the opportunity, if they should so choose, to continue in the Four Year Program in pursuit of training as a psychoanalyst. All course work in the one-year program can be transferred for complete credit toward the four year certificate in psychoanalysis. Candidates will receive a letter of completion upon satisfaction of the program requirements.

The Four Year Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis is a comprehensive program reflective of the broad range of schools of analytic theory and technique. The program stresses the unifying principles of psychoanalytic process, namely, unconscious processes, transference, countertransference and resistance, which define it as a therapeutic discipline. The Four Year Program is designed with the goal of encouraging each candidate to discover and develop his or her individual professional-therapeutic identity and style through intensive participation in course work, supervision and personal analysis. Emphasis is placed on fostering an appreciation of and sensitivity to the therapist-patient relationship. Completion of the program will mark the acquisition of psychoanalytic knowledge and experience and foster a continuing development of these goals. Candidates will be awarded a Certificate in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis upon satisfaction of the program requirements.