Program Overviews

SIPP provides an intellectual and supportive environment, a necessary foundation for personal and professional growth. Our approach to training is not bound to one theory or theorist, but instead is rich with numerous viewpoints and theoretical perspectives within a broadly relational, contemporary framework. Along with the coursework, our workshops, conferences and professional Society foster a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues and faculty across Long Island. Our classes are held in both Nassau and Suffolk counties.

SIPP’s curriculum is organized around a tiered level of learning. We offer two programs of study. The first is a one-year survey course highlighting basic theory and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Our four-year program in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy continues to explore psychoanalytic theories, contemporary issues in psychoanalysis as well as in-depth clinical technique. The second and third year go into greater depth of study, exploring the underpinnings of psychoanalytic thought and practice, while the fourth year is comprised of clinically-based issues in contemporary work.