Referral Services

The Suffolk Institute Referral Service provides psychotherapy and psychoanalysis on a sliding scale basis. All therapists are licensed social workers, psychologists, psychoanalysts, mental health counselors, or advanced -practice psychiatric nurses.

Each of our therapists is a mental health professional who has made a commitment to extensive post-graduate training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. This training emphasizes the importance of an individualized approach with each client, who is recognized as a unique human being with strengths as well as struggles. Although all our therapists have psychoanalytic training, many integrate other therapeutic approaches into their work.

As a client you will be referred to a therapist convenient to your location in either Nassau or Suffolk County or New York City. Should you decide to pursue psychotherapy or psychoanalysis with one of our therapists you will continue to see the therapist in his/her private office.

Our therapists are trained to provide help for a wide range of concerns including:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Eating Disorders
• Addictions & Recovery
• Women's Issues
• Life Transitions Issues
• Marital Issues
• Trauma
• Childhood Abuse
• Bereavement
• Sexual Identity Conflicts
• Aging

Our therapists work with:
• Adults
• Adolescents
• Children
• Couples
• Families
• Groups

Our psychoanalytic candidates provide low cost psychoanalysis under the supervision of experienced training psychoanalysts. Engagement in psychoanalysis with our candidates requires a commitment to multiple sessions per week for a minimum of two years.

We look forward to hearing from you.