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SIPP’s mission is twofold. We aim to create an environment inside of SIPP which actively supports intellectual dialogue via a four year psychoanalytic training program as well as through our new, one year evening psychotherapy series. The classes, colloquia, and conferences we offer provide opportunities within our community for active debate mingled with extensive interpersonal engagement. Our institute without walls also aims to builds bridges with lay or mental health professionals outside of our analytic community. We feel that greater participation from SIPP members and newcomers strengthens our commitment to learning.

Secondly, we believe that integration between our Institute with leaders and thinkers in related fields supports our vision of vital and stimulating community education. We are committed to extending ourselves beyond our immediate SIPP membership to encompass opportunity for community dialogue and coordinated activities with local arts and educational venues. We don’t see SIPP as isolated from its surrounding environment. Rather, we hope to nurture psychological thought through personal and communal initiatives.